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CS provides Mill Lane School with sound for their leavers play July 2021.

In July 2021, we provided Mill Lane Primary School in Batley with a sound system and wireless radio mics for their annual school leavers play which this year, due to covid restrictions, was being held outdoors.

Due to the event being helf outdoors, the school needed sound reinforcement. The LD Systems Dave 15 G3 speaker sets were perfect for this as they feature a 15'' subwoofer and two 8'' mid/top speakers.

We installed a set of these either side of the stage and due to having two smallers speakers either side meant we could focus audio to specific areas of the games court reducing noise to neighbouring residents.

We provided 16 of our wireless radio microphones with low profile lapel capsules which worked better than headset microphones becuase of the younger age of the cast.

Our radio microphones come racked in our newly refurbished radio mic racks which are quick and easy to setup. Here you can see below a picture of the racks in action with our JTS antennas.

As you can see in the picture above, we used our Roland M200i mixing console with remote iPad control to mix the show. Our Roland mixing desks work hand in hand with our Roland S-1608 digital stage boxes for quick and easy patching into the desk.

To run sound effects, we used an Apple Macbook Pro running Qlab 4.

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