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CS Lighting provides Leeds City College with radio mic hire for their summer show season.

Over May and June of 2021, CS Lighting provided the Chroma Q Theatre @ LCC's state of the art Quarry Hill campus with 16 wireless radio mics. With the Chroma Q Theatre being near multiple Leeds city centre venues, we had to plan frequencies around these venues. The CQT itself also had an existing installation of 8 wireless radio mics therefore we had to plan frequencies around these mics as well. CS Lighting handled all the frequency planning and also obtained a coordinated license from Ofcom.

The overall package we provided to LCC looked like this:

  • 16 x recievers spread over 2 racks.

  • 16 x transmitters supplied with headsets.

  • 4 x JTS antenna & cabling

  • Frequency planning and licencing.

  • 24/7 technical support.

  • Duracell Insdustrial AA batteries.

Recently, we renovated our radio mic racks with top quality rack panels and components from Penn Elcom UK.

Take a look below at our custom rack cases!

All of our radio mic racks come with:

  • Powercon In & Out

  • RF A/B In & Out

  • XLR Multicores for easy setup

All of our radio mic kits come with JTS antennas and all the accessories needed. Our radio mic racks only take a few minutes to setup and they arrived tuned to the planned frequencies.

Radio mic hire starts from just £25.00 per week! Contact us for a free customised quote!

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