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CS Lighting 'lights up Lotherton' Christmas 2020.

Updated: Jan 29

Recently CS Lighting has provided a technical solution at Lotherton Hall in Leeds for their annual Christmas Experience! Part of our brief was to add addition lighting to the hall and also provide a video projector for one of the 12 installations on the '12 days of Christmas' walk around the grounds.

Lotherton already had 6 X LEDJ Spectra Q15 Floods' which are lighting the lower portion of the house outisde. We have provided 15 X Chauvet SlimPar Pro Q USB's in order to light the inside of the house upstairs. The SlimPar Pro's boast an impressive RGBA LED board which allows for powerful colour mixing, they also have Wireless DMX capabilties so when paired with 2 X Chauvet Di-Fi Hub's and some Chauvet Di-Fi USB's, we were able to send DMX to each room wirelessly.

CS Lighting also provided a custom IP (outdoor) rated DMX Control system which encorporates a Chamsys Magic Q system in order to control ours and Lotherton's lighting fixtures simultaneously.

We also designed a Video to compliment one of the installations on the '12 days of Christmas' walk. This was played back using a Raspberry Pi Mini connected to a 3000 Lumen Projector.

To book tickets or for more information click here.

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